This is NOT a Diet

Live like a Badass. Love your Body. Laugh at Calories. | taught by Alexandra Napoli
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Alexandra Napoli
Alexandra Napoli
Health Coach, Yogi & Cooking Show Host

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Nutrition Coach, Yogi & Cooking Show Host

I show busy women how to quiet their b*tchy inner critic so they can joyfully eat without guilt, playfully prepare fast healthy meals and finally be at peace with the way they feel in their bodies. If becoming friends with your body sounds like fairytale bullsh*t… You’re in the right place. I’ll teach you how to do all that and more.

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This course will totally change your relationship with food and your body for the better. Not like a typical diet that relies on calorie restriction and crazy workouts, this is a plan you can happily live for the rest of your life - cheesecake, burgers and wine included!

Course Contents

8 Videos
2 Surveys
27 PDFs
7 Disqus