Power Hour - Private Health Coaching

Private Health Coaching telephone support | taught by Alexandra Napoli
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Alexandra Napoli
Alexandra Napoli
Health Coach, Yogi & Cooking Show Host

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Nutrition Coach, Yogi & Cooking Show Host

I show busy women how to quiet their b*tchy inner critic so they can joyfully eat without guilt, playfully prepare fast healthy meals and finally be at peace with the way they feel in their bodies. If becoming friends with your body sounds like fairytale bullsh*t… You’re in the right place. I’ll teach you how to do all that and more.

If you're struggling to stick with the plan laid out in the This is Not a Diet course, aren't seeing the results you wanted, have a specific health concern you want to discuss, or need personalized support and accountability to achieve your goals, this Power Hour is for you. 

During this 80-90 minute call, we'll breakthrough the barriers and walls holding you back, destroy any negative thinking sabotaging your results, and get to the heart of what's really going on for you. 

This private, one-on-one session, gives you the personalized approach you'll come to love from Health Coaching.  Nothing is off limits, we can talk about absolutely anything you need to dig into or learn more about. 

By the end of this call you'll feel invigorated, recharged and committed to achieving your healthy goals. 

I believe in you, now let's get you to believe in you too. 

XO Alex

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